The Movies

The first movie is about our first days in Australia, started in Melbourne. Here we are being to the middle of Australia, Alice Springs and Uluru. After this experience we traveling with a tour to Adelaide  (rock2water). 28 days we are traveling with a camper along the south coast to Melbourne, started with Kangaroo Island. From Melbourne we travel more from the coast to Canberra, Blue Mountains to end the trip in Sydney. From Sydney we are going to Tasmanië for 10 days, there we looking for the “devil”. Also a boat [ ... ]
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Day 53 – 59 Sydney (Old and New Year)

Saturday, 28 December Flight back to Sydney Yesterday we did our last shopping on Tasmania, including breakfast for today. We had to get up on time +/- 08:00 hour to take a taxi to the airport +/- 30 minutes drive . The counters are simple on the airport, but we still had our boarding passes to print. The flight was at 10:30 and as it is a short flight to Sydney where we are at the 12 o’clock. We can take [ ... ]

Day 43-52 Tasmania, Wildlife Wanderer Tasmania Safari

Wednesday 18 December Fight to Launceston on Tasmania. An Day to standup early in the morning. Small transfer to the Domestic airport of Sydney. We have a early flight today at 08:15 hour. And we do not have the boarding pass. At the IBIS hotel we cannot print them, while they are in a conversion of the reception area. For the transfer we use a shuttle bus service. We where on time and let the service counter printed our boarding [ ... ]

Day 35-42 Blue Mountain and drive to Sydney

Tuesday 10th December Oberon This day is more or less an driving day from the Capital to Oberon. This place is nearby the driving Jenolan Caves, the goal for to morrow. As it was an driving day, there is not much to write and there are also not many photos. The camping is the only one in the area near to the industry of the town, it’s only for 1 night.

Day 32-34 Canberra, the Capital of Australia

7th December Saturday Yesterday we did the cross over the Mountains. Today is to ride to the Capital of Australia; Canberra. The Capital is an created city, with some rules where it has to build. As Sydney was the fist town in Australia, they claim it to be. But Melbourne claimed it also as it is the biggest city early in 1900. They made some rules where the Capital has to build outside those 2 cities. A few of the rule [ ... ]

Day 29-31 To and over the Snowy Mountains

4th December Wednesday Todays heading is direction the Yarra Valley to the place Warburton. This is the overnight place, but I wanted to see some off the Yarra river and its environment. As seems the gods are not with us, the hole day was raining. And the clouds where low, so to see al lot, that wasn’t. The drive was over some places with nice names as; Leongatha, Koo Wee Rup and Pakenham. 5th December Thursday. Today was also starter with tinny rain [ ... ]

Day 27-28 Wilsons prom. NP.

Monday, 2sec December Todays heading is Wilsons Promontory NP. It is an Hugh park in the south east of Melbourne. You can reach over the Bads Highway till Inverloch then you have to go over smaller roads to the park. At least you have to drive over the c444 till the entrance of the park. You have now 25 km to drive to Tidal area, the is the only normal camping in the park. They have over 250 places where [ ... ]

Day 24-26 Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road. Friday, 29th November. The day start is early, we have to do the Great Ocean Road (GOR) This road is long from Torquay till Allansford (~235km) with a lot of curves. We did yesterday a small part from Allansford to Port Campbell. Today is first stop, Loch ard Gorge there are three lookout points to visits. And each has it own story whats happens in the past. The mean is the sea, rock, ships and people. People as they [ ... ]

Day 19-23 To Grampiens

Kangaroo Island to Meningie. Sunday, 24th November. After breakfast, we have to catch the ferry form 10:30 hour back to main land. We had to wait before we can drive the camper on the ferry, we where one of the last. At Cape Jervis we came a bit late on shore, an ruf sea. We drive along the coast in the direction of Adelaide. We like to stop for lunch and fuel at Mypohga. But the gasstation was closed, we get now a [ ... ]

Day15-18 Kangaroo Island

Day15; Camper + transfer to cape jervis. Wednesday 20 th November. At 09:00 hour we where pickup our claimed camper at Apollo. After the paperwork and the instructions how our camper works where you can find what and so on. The first stop is a “big” supermarket. We have to buy a lot of this for the first days and later on. That where 2 cars full of food and some non food items. We have a look ahead for at least [ ... ]