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In the begin January 2012 we were to a Holiday Fair. We did get a lot of new experience and remarks from that day.

The timeline of our trip is true that experience on the holiday fair changed. At first we do not start our trip in Darwin. The risk is too high to get in rain session with bad roads and not reachable point of interests. That must be left for a new Trip in future.

The start will be now in the south of Australia; Melbourne. After arrived in Australia we have fist a couple off 3 days to spent in the city. To get the long flight out off our body and do some shopping. We have not every thing to buy in the Netherlands, su as sun cream, telephone card and a Hat.

After the days in Melbourne we have a flight to Alice Spring to get a trip arround the Red Rock before we go downwards to Adelaide (trip-1). We choose to drive within a group to Adelaide to see some interest points beside the road/train rails. Us is proposed to do a Balloon Flight the day before we start the trip in Alice Spring, it can give an extra dimension to our Australian Trip. There are more possibilities to do a Balloon flight, those are also to find in the neighbourhood of Melbourne.

At end of trip-1 we stay a day in Adelaide to explore the city before we our Camper. Early in the morning we do pickup our camper and drive south wards to a fixed appointment: The Ferry to kangaroo Island next day.There is enough time to explore the surroundings area. We have also to do some shopping for food and drinks and what we are forgotten to take with us from The Netherlands.

After some days spend on kangaroo Island we go back to main land and go to Melbourne. We have 8 days to get there and pass Grampians National Park + 7 Apostles underway. Melbourne city we did already explore, we can go directly to Philip Island, “walking penguins”; use a overtake by Ferry.

And after that spend 2 days in Wilsons Promontory Park. Instead dive along the coast, we are going true the inlands to the capital Canberra. This can be a route as Yarra Ranges NP, Albury/Wodonga en the National Parks around Coomba.

The rest to Sydney looks be the same as we had in our original plans. True the inlands to the Blue Mountain spend some days over there and then to endpoint the city Sydney. We are bringing the Camper back to the rental station. We have a direct flight to Hobart on Tasmania.

In our original plan was that we did first celebration of old and new year in Sydney, and then explore Tasmania. But we now due first explore Tasmania and the do celebration of Old and New Year in Sydney. We will have a 10 days trip to see environment of Tasmania.

As wrote just before, then back to Sydney to celebration of Old and New year before we have to go to home , The Netherlands. As this is the end off our long holiday in Australia

True the last change, will move the Tasmania trip into 2013. We have to redo our holiday planning with our jobs/school. Why we did this, to pickup the camper earlier we have a lower price. We get out off high season of the Australian holidays, but still the Christmas days. By an early booking and longer as 21 days we get a discount of 9% + 5% on camper rental price.

As in the orignal plan, the hotel prices in Sydney will be high during Old and New year period. We know before we setup our timeline, but still do not like it.

By changes in our trip plan you will get a little problem back. Do we have enough holidays in 2013. We can move some days from 2012 into 2013.
As on time off booking we get some surprises, some trips are not go trough. We have looked around and find for the Tasmania trip another one, but its start not in Hobart but in Launceston, and is 2 days shorter. This gives a day at front more ==> extra day on Tasmania at Launceston and a day after ==> in Sydney.

start:~ begin of Nov. Time tabel looks now:

– 3 days Melbourne.

– 2 days Alice Springs.

– 8 days trip Alice Springs  to Adelaide.

– 2 days Adelaide.

– 28 days camper Adelaide to Sydney.

– 2 day Launceston.

– 8 days Tasmanian trip.

– 6 days Sydney.

– back to Home.

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