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A new blog.

We as family are already sometime being to organise a vacation in Australia.
Not a small vacation for 2 or 3 weeks, but for some longer time. The flight from The Netherlands to Australia is normally at least 30 hours.

We were starting to find out what we like to see and do over there if we have time for 8 weeks.
As first we did to pic up some travel brochure or order on the internet some books.
The next draft was coming out all that info.
– starting in Darwin with a 10 days trip ended in Alice-Spring.
– pick te Ghan train to Adelaide.
– get a camper and drive along the south coast to Melbourne and finally to Sydney.
And see underway: Kangaroo Island, Grampians NP, 12 Apostles, Melbourne, Philips Island, Wilsons NP, Canberra, Blue Mountain.
End point is Sydney where the camper has to be returned.

Old and New celebration in Sydney.

In the new year up to Tasmania for a 10 day trip over there.
-Hobart, Strahan, Devonport, Launceston, St Helen, Port Arthur

End at last back to Sydney for the international flight back to Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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