Next step after 2


Some new words to our blog. The start of our trip will be in the next month.
As the last payments are done to the travel agency, we are now waiting for the flight tickets and al other vouchers (hotel, trips, camper, etc.).

We are doing our last thinks to buy, before we can go packing our bags.
For that we have prepared packing list for each person.
As we have different needs that list is not the same.
After we had everything collected we split al it over the 3 Big Bags.
Why; if one bag is not arrived with us at Melbourne we don not have search for a lot off replacements (clothes).
The airplane company can deliver the missing Bag(s) at our hotel in Melbourne, where we stay for the first days.

We have also decided to go one day earlier to our airport Schiphol.
In the latest time we can not count to the public transportation, al lot of interruption.
For that we are traveling in the afternoon to Schiphol by train and have an room in hotel for one night.
Locally there is a shuttle bus between our Hotel and Schiphol, our National Airport.

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