Day-1 Flight to HongKong

The first day of our Australia Holiday, 6th of November.

This was the day that we had to board our flight to Hongkong/Melbourne.
But first step was to get form a Hotel nearby Amsterdam to get to Schiphol (main airport of the Netherlands).
This was a easy port while the Hotel lay on a route for Shuttle busses of the airport.
Last weeks in the Netherlands where a lot of problems with traffic and public transportation (Train).

This was the easy us way the be on time at the airport.
We did check-in at home, and with the printed boarding passes we did a quick drop off of our luggage.
As normal people we did pass the customs and go to the tax free shops (only looking not buying as we are Dutch people).

We have a flight in 2 parts, Hongkong the place where we have to land and switch over to another plane.
If you flight to Hongkong  you will have a time difference of +7 hours on hong kong international airport.

We did land in Hongkong at 06:30 hour on the 7th of November.

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