Day-2 Nextstep Flight to Melbourne


As we did have a flight in 2 parts, Hongkong the place where we have to land and switch over to another plane.
There was a waiting time of about 4-1/2 hour for the next flight. So some walking and hanging at Hongkong Airport.

The flight to Melbourne is going normal as it was written in the books and we did landed on time in Australia, Melbourne.
As expect we have to wait for the border security people to get a pass that let us in Australia.

We had luck, had a simple pass to pass the border, no extra checking of our luggage.

After some waiting on our transport to our hotel we did arrived it early in the morning of Friday 8th November at 01:00 AM..

As we are now ferry tired, we did go quickly to bed.
While we like to get  up early in the morning to get in the rhythm of day/night with the change of Local time (jet lag?).

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