Day-3 Melbourne

Day-3 Melbourne.

Friday 8th of November 2013, today is the first hole day in Melbourne.
This morning we standing up on time to get breakfast and to get in the new time rhythm.

After that we pickup our bags and going to walk into the center of Melbourne.
We have to buy some goods as a prepaid SIM card for one of our phones.
Also we need protection for our heads, for example, hats.
And where can you those better find as at Queen Victoria Market.
This is an indoor market where you can buy clothes and food.
food should read as vegetables and fruit but also meat and fish.

As we go to Alice Springs over some days we need to protect our head to the bright sun.
We buy there some hats and suntan lotion.
I also could not stand the temptation to buy sweet candy on the market also.

We do not walk the hole day, some we make use of the transportation network of Melbourne.
Melbourne has a free tram, call the City Circle Tram, that surround the center of Melbourne.
You can step-up/off  on it on  a lot of places. It’s going in both directions (clock and counter clock wise).
We did step on nearby Queen street and ride clock wise with it.
The best place where we get off is at Spencer street, that is about 250 meters of our hotel.

We did a nap in the afternoon as we where tired from flight/time differential and walking in Bournemouth city.
For the dinner we go across the street where we eat at Hungry Jacks (like a Mac Donald).

Some words about our hotel.
We have a room at second floor and it has 2 rooms with 5 beds.
We buy a 3 days pass for the internet access as the guest account is only 1 hour.


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