Day-4 Melbourne

Day-4 Melbourne.

Saturday 9th of November.
This is our second day in Melbourne. After the breakfast we take the City Circle Train again to go to opposite place as we are now.
We go to the Parliament Gardens and St. Paticks Cathedral.
After visiting them we walk back to center of Melbourne trough China Town.
They said in the city circle train that this is the largest communities outside china of Chinese people.

From china town we walked to Bourke street. There are some ferry big Shopping malls there.
One of the displays there was already workout for Christmas time.
On some places on the street where living statue busy with the performance.

In afternoon we use the city circle train to go Flinders Street Station, where we going to Federation Square.

We walked over the Yarra River to go the Queen Victoria Gardens. Doing a small walk through it and going back to the Yarra river.
Cross the river again and were going to the Melbourne/Olympic park. To head back to Flinders street Station.

In the mean time the battery’s of our small camera’s where empty. This was quicker then expected.
So we decide to buy spare one’s. Back to Bourke street, we did saw earlier a Photo/Electronic shop.
1st shop, only for 1 camera they had a spare battery. And they directed us to another shop on Elizabeth street where we buy second one just at closing time.

Diner, we did eat at a small Pizza shop at Flinders street nearby our hotel. Ordered 3 medium size pizza, as usual this was nearly to much for us.

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