Day-5 Melbourne

Day-5 Melboure

Sunday 10th of november.
Our last day in Melbourne. Tomorrow early in the morning we going to Alice Spings.
It’s a day to do all confirm our next topics for next day’s.
This mean, Taxi to airport, printing boarding pas for flight to Alice spring, Taxi to hotel.
The first calls do get wrong, number not in use. Luky for us we have Internet on Computer/Tablet.
Single connection pass through my sons laptop (hotspot).
Finding another telefoon number whats worked. For the trips on Theusday and Wednesday was also a confirmation needed (> 24 hours in advanced).

After that we where walking on the south side of Yarra river, the Southbank Promenade, to wards Flinder street station.
At the southbank promenade there are a lot of bars and restaurants. The are open from 11:00 till verry late in de evening/night.
On Saterday and Sundays is this a place to be in the everning. Today where some street performace doing there act.
At Hammer hall/State theatre where today a small market, where people tried to sell there home made things.

in the evening we had dinner at a small chinese restourant where we eat it in a bowl were, where the rice on the bottom was and above the vegetables and meat, and you could it yourself by each other go do what you wanted at that moment (steel chopsticks)

In the afternoom we hidding back to our hotel. We have to pack our soute cases as we leaving it on monday very early in the morning 06:30 hour AM.
We have to catch a flight to Alice Springs at 09:40 AM.

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