Day-7 Hot Air Ballooning and Alice Springs Atractions

Day-7 Hot Air Ballooning

12 th. November. An early stand-up today, we have got a balloon flight today. We will picked-up at 03:45 by the balloon guys.
The have taken us to the airfield were they to a wind speed and direction test wit a small balloon with a red light in it. This is needed to find the right place place for the take off. We drive to the take off place, somewhere in the dessert, where the do a last check on speed and direction of the wind.

The team loaded of the basket and rolled out the balloon. We have moved over behind the bus, while the are blowing up the balloon and headed the air when it was enough filled with air. After a while the balloon going standing strait up. It was attached to the bus, so it could not fly away.

This morning group was about 10 people big. We had to step in the balloon as we are needed for the wight to stabilized it.
As al people are stepped in the pilot give now some long burning to head the air in the balloon to give us some lift.
As it be seems enough he lose the connection to the bus and we lift or from the ground. The long burns off the heaters was good feel in the balloon and sometimes also some water drops on our heads.

Just in some 30 sec we fly high into the sky. The predicted speed of the wind was not correct enough as the pilot detected during the flight. He has to make some corrections on that. The speed was a lot higher then for seen. We were to go down just above the tree tips to flight to get a lower air speed and a better direction to the power station and the prison south of Alice Spring. In the balloon flight we did get a Sun rice to see, when we are fly just above the trees.

The pilot has to correct lot to the direction for this flight to get to the landing zone. The landing zone was a small field just behind some power lines in the dessert. This make for us a hard landing, while he has to go quickly down and the wind speed where the balloon is in was a lot higher than the air speed on ground level. We did 6 or 7 ground touches before we stand still and the basket fell on his side while the balloon still was going down.
We did not climb out the basket until the pilot give permission, this has to do that the balloon has  the inflate to a level that there is no lift enough to pull the basket away. We can the climb out off the basket. The bus was now also arrived to the landing spot.

And just now we have breakfast with Champagne.

After the breakfast we have to folded up the balloon with each other to get it in the bag. The basket has been up on the trailer together with the balloon. We drive now back to our hotel in Alice Springs. As the balloon flight was not the 60 min we did have booked we got some money back.

We use that money the book a City tour in Alice Spring in the afternoon.

City tour Alice Springs:.

In this city tour we did goes to the Right place off Alice Springs. This is not where it is now, but some km out side the town. The real Alice Springs is a Telegraph relay station for the line England, Indonesia, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne to Sydney and visa. There are some more relay stations in the dessert, but this is the famous one. After this we go to the School of the Air. This institute give the children on the farms in the dessert a change to education. The get by post there lesson, and over the radio (now days also by satellite/computer; internet) the daily instructions how to make them. Some one the farm are the extra hands for the teachers, the could be the mother of some one that was hired for that job. The school of the air was born out the service of the flying doctors service. The have a network of communications over the country and make also possible to deliver  post, while the make routine visit to the farms. We did seen the Flying Doctors Center at Alice Springs.

On stop before the last one, was the visit of the Reptile center. Here we got seen some snakes and a lot of “bad” stories. The most of it was you could die within 30 minutes after a snake bite. The change that you die in Australia is much less then in like Vietnam. Why, the snakes in Australia has very small tooth. The best remedy after you are bite is in your arm, is binding tight form your fingers to your body or in your leg from you teens to your body and go to a hospital. Do not wipe away the traces of the bite because the can get out that which snake it was. Color of the snake is not impotent as this give most off the time the wrong type. But even is not to get bite, wear long pants and good shoes.

As we get back from this trip, we had to make prepare our stuff for the next day, An new trip for 6 day: Rock 2 Water Safari.


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