Day 8-13 Rock 2 Water Safari

Day 8 -13 Rock 2 Water Safari

13 th November till 18 th November (6 days, 5 nights).

This day was also a early wake up, but not so as yesterday. We were picked-up at 06:30 hour in front off our hotel.
It was a small bus for 21 passengers and a driver (tour-guide). As all passengers where picked up, we where get last shopping before we leave Alice Spring.
The first part off the trip was the drive to Erldunda to make a turn onto the Lasseter Highway to Uluru. This is a long drive for about 6 hours including the stops.

We were a group of 9 people included ourselves.
4 from Holland, 3 out of Germany, 1 out England and 1 from Belgium, range of ages 19 till 60.

Day 1:
The first night is at Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort). Around 12:00 hour we get there, get all our luggage out of the trailer and setup our came for the night (swag + sleeping bag)  and campfire. We make our first lunch together.
After doing the dish, we have to go to the visitor center at Uluru, for 30 minutes. The time was a little short, but we need to go to meet the Rock. At the rock we get a small hike together with our Guide SID. He tells a lot about what the rock means for the aboriginal people that lived hire in the past and now. We can only see that what the aboriginal has given free for visitors. Some places are still holly for them. The land was in the past taken from them by the “white” men, and lately given back to the people by The Australian Government. After that we did a hike around the Rock (6 km) without the guide. We have to make our thoughts to the rock and its stories.
In the mean time it was time to go the the sunset point to see the sun going down and give the rock different colors with a little snack. At this point we had to go back to our camp place for diner (self to cook, with help of guide). Rock to Then prepare our swag and sleeping bags for the night and get all round campfire. We did not make late while next morning we have to get early up for sunrise viewing off the Rock.

Day 2:
Sunrise view off the Rock, different colors then on sunset. After this we do a extra visit of the visitor center , we like to watch the film about the rock and their stories.
Next rock to view: Kata Tjuta. This is a drive for about 1 hours. Started there a hike, its was in the beginning steeply up. This was for me a little to much. Kevin and Els went further with the group, but Els was came soon back, to many lose smalle rocks. Kevin did the hole hike with the group. Els and I, got back to the bus, and wait there till the group got back. We did see some at the top of the first hill, before we diced to get back.
Kata Tjuta means many heads in the language of the local Anangu Aborigines. It is a formation of thirty rocks, of which the highest is more than  500 meters high. According to the Aborigines living on the highest rock of Kata Tjuta a mythological serpent, called Wanambi close to the top. As the group came back of the hike we do get back to our night camp place. We have collect all of our thinks. Make sleeping bags in the big bag and rolled up our swag. Put every thing into the trailer. Make the lunch together and wash the dishes. We now break up to the Kings Canyon our place to sleep and the rock for tomorrow. For who like a go to a swimming pool (small), this is the place.

Day 3:
This day is also a early waking up. We can see sunrise at first climb at Kings Canyon. We started with a small drive to the start of the hike on Kings Canyon. It is a very sleep climb up. I tried go to the first top, but it was to much. Els was not even started when see how steeply goes up. We decided to do the canyon trail, less long and not to steeply (1.6 km). Kevin did not start even today to hike. He was sitting at start point to wait when every body coming back. The rest of the group did the Kings Canyon Hike on the tops off the rock. When we also get back at start point (where standing the bus) we also wait for the group. After this we went back to our sleep place from last night, to do lunch and packing every thing onto trailer. We have now a long drive back to Erldunda and go back on the stuart highway on the way to Coober Pedy. We stopped underway for the night for a bush camp tonight. I thought we did camp near the dry creak Agnes. We make a nice big campfire place good for a big fire (need the warmed of it) and dropped our swag in a have round of it, there was tonight some wind.
We looked to another sun get under to day, diner has now to be cooked. Tonight we get our food cooked on the campfire. Only the meat was doing on a stove otherwise it takes to long. Did a quick cleaning of our plates and used cups, we need the for the breakfast to morrow. The pan that where used will be done tomorrow, maybe use the rest of dinner for lunch tomorrow. But we buried it the next morning because there were bugs inside.|
At the campfire there were also some marshmallows burned, that give also some nice pictures when people are eating them.

Day 4:
Today is drive to Coober Pedy, the opal mining town.
We think that we can be rich after visit it and did some digging to opals. After we arrived the town we where going to our sleeping place, a bunkhouse. That is a house cut out in the rock. In this case a long holes, with shallow corridors where sleeping accommodations for 4 people were created. One of the nice things of this place is that is nearby the opal museum and to a nice high place for the evening. Before we go to the museum we have do our lunch. In the museum you get a small film of the opal mining in Australia, there are several places where found opal. Always this give a rush (like a gold rush) on people to get quick rich. After the movie we get an explanation of how most opals jewelry are made as triplets or doublets. triplets: a black backing stone then a paper-thin slice of opal in the middle; and the a clear glass, quartz, or plastic capping in the shape of a dome. Now we get a tour in as mine people are housed in the past. As the head above the ground they were quickly build there homes under the ground (like in the empty mines). There was only one problem, water. There was only every 2 weeks small amount of fresh new water. This for drinking, cooking and washing. You can imagine how it must have been smelled there. Later a later time there was a well drilled to a underground lake. This water has to make suitable for drinking as it contains oa. salt.  We saw there the change of housing in time, to get more and more in there home. Now day it is to get a swimming pole in the rock, if you have enough mone to make it. We did also get more in to a mine, you can saw there how narrow the tunnel corridor are. Most of the tunnels are as 30 meters under the ground while the opals are found on this depth.

Now we can digging our selves for opal, at some leftovers or tunnel rock that is thrown out on a lot. We did have no luck to find some big pieces of opal. Some did buy before leaving the museum some prepared opal as a jewel. We get a small tour around Cooper Pedy by our tour guide SID. He brought us now to a special place; kangaroo shelter. Which hit Kangaroo or their babies are brought by people as our tour guide when they find on the road during their trips around. this kangaroo shelter operates entirely from donations, because they do not subsidy government. They welcome any donation in any shape and size. They had at the time we were there a number of larger young kangaroo in care, but also a very small kangaroo. The small kangaroo lived largely in a pouch bag which the security of the mother has to be given to it.

During our dinner on top of a lookout near our overnight place some acquaintances of our tour guide SID. She now lived in a nearby house buck. They invited us to come and see this, it had a different inside parts in the “living room”. It had a few narrow where probably opals have been but was not further. Part of the group is later gone to a pub to “true” to meet locals. Kevin is also joined us, he came back late at night.

Day 5:
Today is an long driving day to Finders Ranges. Underway we met a long train, 2400 meters long. Our guide, SID, wanted at a certain place before a 2400 meter long train passes. In order to put some coins on the rails, these coins are printed by the wheels of the train completely flat, all the text is gone. This was also the place where he wanted to go, a salt pan. He has dug a hole which he wanted to further explore. We have also created a special group photo (will be added later). Then back to the bus to be cover the rest of the trip to Flinder Ranges. Before we reach the night camp, we did an “bush” outlook for a sun set. We sleep today again on normal beds on a camping. We where a little late and we did have to make also the diner.

Day 6:
Last day of the tour. This day is all the way down to Adelaide. To bring al group members to their hotel/motel or even airplane. After breaking up our camp, we go for an small drive to an canyon hike in Flinders Ranges.
First part of steeply down to the bottom of it (nice way made for that).  On the bottom following the creek that can flow there. There where a lot of small lose rocks. The rock plate over there where most horizontal. At some places there was still standing water in, with some little fish in. The last part was a climb out of the canyon to the bus. On the way to our next to visit place we stopped at a hill, where very good the layers where to see how the are there and on which angel they are. This give a indication how this was formed in the past and how erosion had done to it (mountains in the very past). Our next visit was a old prison of Australia. This was build in the 1836 and still used till nearby 1990. This was also a prison where women were housed. All outbreak attempts have failed because it was quite difficult to get around the 2 walls.  Or you where seen as an unknown person. They knew as little settlement everyone. Now drive to into the town to a rest place, we here make our last lunch together. Our tour guide SID drive further to Adelaide and let us seen the ocean, we had touch the water. The first drop off was 1 person to the airport, she has a flight this evening to Melbourne. The others has to drop on several places at Motel/Hotel/Backpack places in the town.

The tour guide, has given us already given us the name: “The Family”.  Why you think for that, looking for the groups ages.. 19 till 60  where 3 above 50 and rest below 30. And how the group worked together for the tasks that must be done; breakfast, lunch, dinner + Cleaning up. The loquacity of SID (our tour guide) was such that if he told us a lot about the culture and the creation of the environment where we have been. He told a whole story around it so it remembers you of the important stuff he told us.

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  1. Beatrice says:

    I was doing this Outback-Tour with you. I was the blond german girl. Do you still have the funny picture of me and Janne in front of Uluru posing like James Bond with fingers as a gun? Would be so cool if you can send this picture to me.
    I hope you had a good trip. I´m back home since beginning of june. Australia was awesome and I really had a good time. I really like your Blog here and all the nice pictures!
    Kind regards

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