Day15-18 Kangaroo Island

Day15; Camper + transfer to cape jervis.

Wednesday 20 th November.

At 09:00 hour we where pickup our claimed camper at Apollo. After the paperwork and the instructions how our camper works where you can find what and so on. The first stop is a “big” supermarket. We have to buy a lot of this for the first days and later on. That where 2 cars full of food and some non food items. We have a look ahead for at least 4 days. We are going to the Kangaroo Island tomorrow. After the shopping we drive first all little along the coast. We like to visit Victor Harbor in the afternoon, Granite Island.
We walk over the wooden bridge to the rock. Make a round site seeing on it. Today was not a nice day, a lot of wind. This gives some nice pictures and small films. The way back we did not walk, but used the local horse-tram. He walks in a smooth tempo back to main land with some passengers. Now we have the last drive to do to the ferry for Kangaroo Island at Cape jervis. We drive nearly to the water point. But there we could not stay for the night. We had to go back, we seen on our way up the hill we saw a little campsite we we could stay. On the way to it we did refuel the camper also. We make for the first time diner in the camper, and discover how everything is working.

Day 16, Ferry + Kangaroo Island Thursday, 21th November.

We did have booked the ferry as part of our holiday, we did precheck-in in yesterday and today only get tickets at ferry office. We had to be there 1 hour before departing. This was no problem as we where 2 km for our night camp. Els and Hans has to walk on the boat, and Kevin has driven the camper backwards onto the boat. This has to do when the boat come to overside, the cars can direct drive of the boat and go sleepy way up.

At Kangaroo Island we came at Penneshaw on shore. And we cruised all the way to Kingscote. Underway we did stopped @ Prospect Hill. This was the hill where the explores of England has landed and climb the hill. For us was this easyer then in the trip (link) before, while here where stairs instead of rocks. In Kingscote we saw the yard where normally the fishers are working. Now we have the plan to go to the north side off the Island, Emu Bay and Stokes Bay. Both are very little places, some houses and nice beaches. After this we wanted to go to the Scott Cove / Cape Borda Lighthouse. We did not came there as the road was changed into a dirt road and very had to drive. After a few km, we did return on our path. And go to our night camp at Western K.I. Caravan Park nearby the Flinders Chase Visitor Center. When we arrived at Caravan Park, the office was already closed. Then you have enter some details on a envelope together with the required fee and drop-it in mail box at the office.

Now was time for creating diner, but there where sings that you food is not save outside our place. The animals are very “vreg” they steal your food from your plate where you standing/sitting by. To morrow we can sleep a bit longer small ride to Flinders Chase Visitor Center. And then to Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks

Dag 17 Kangaroo Island, Finders Chase NP.
Friday, 22th November.
Just before the alarm clock of 08:00 hour awaken. This morning there are a lot of clouds at the sky and a small bit of rain during our breakfast. At 09:00 hour we break form our camp place to drive to Flinders Chase Vistors Centre. Here we have to get a ticket to get access to the NP. We drive the 15 km to Admirals Arch, then you have to walk the wooden path to the end of Cape du Couedic. Some meters back there is a modern lighthouse. At the cape you go some stairs down and you will get a nice view of the sea smashing on the rocks. When you look well then you see some sea robs laying in the sun on the rocks or swimming in the sea. This is still not the Arch; for that you have to go more stairs down. You will get a left turn and you see the Admirals Arch. There is a nice view trough the Arch, the sea, some rock and about 10 sea robs. After the climb back to the Camper, we where drive to Wiers Cove, this goes over a unseal road.
This is the place where in the begin time the lighthouse was and there was build a 3 chamber house for 3 families that had to support it. This house was build op the rock nearby the lighthouse. The families gets every 3 months new food and supply down at sea level. Every thing has to bring up to houses 75 meters above sea level, for that they have make a sleepy small rail system to transport the things up, like food and oil for lighthouse. After this we had to go the Remarkable Rocks 6 km of Weirs Cove. The Remarkable Rocks are much know to people while those are used in prospectus from Kangaroo Island. Just when we arrived there was a little shower. We walked quickly to the Rock but when we came there the rain was already stopped . We have looked around the rock and we make some photo’s of the rocks and sea-view.
As it was just 13:30 hour, we decide to go the the Koala Walk and Kell Hill Caves. At the first place you can spot some koala bears in the trees. If you can look good lock into the trees. Yes after a while we found some Koala’s in the tree. They are very difficult to spot, as they are one with the trees color. We drive some km to the east (direction Kingscote) to the Kell Hill Caves. The ticket for the cave was expensive, but it was the money worth. The Cave was from a dry type there is no river inside, all the water must came from the surface (rain water) for to build stalactite and stalagmite.

This was for today the last thing we visit at Kangaroo Island and went back to our last camp place, Westeren K.I. Caravan Park. We make diner and cleaned al up. Now was the time to make this story of the day. Kevin collect all the photo’s and films to his laptop.

Day 18, Kangaroo Island, back to Penneshaw.
Saturday, 23th November.
Most of last night has a little rained. We were a little late this morning with waking up and do breakfast. This morning the first stop is Seal Bay, this is on route to Penneshaw where will be our night camp on Kangaroo Island. At the Seal Bay we have had to pick between 2 walks, with or without guide. As all the guide are buys and an new big group (bus) was coming, we had to long to wait. It was very windy today, the change to see many seals was also low. On some places at chore out of the wind we did see them, mothers and child and even the some men. The seal lions have a 3 by 3 day cycle, 3 day on sea to do there feeding and 3 day of rest on the beaches/rocks. As the wind was ferry had blowing to the land, we get a nice sand shower in our face. After this Seal Bay visit we were driving to Kingscote. At the airport of Kangaroo Island we did a turn the south to an Eucalyptus Distillery.

We where thinking that the way was an normal road, only the last 3 km was off-road This is the last in hole south Australia that still is working. 90% of the products going out to China and Brazil. The process is easy but intensive work. In main, get the leafs from the bushes do them in a big closed boiling pot with water, heated that up and get the steam out of it. Cool down the steam you will get water and Eucalyptus Oil. This is not pure enough, do the process over again to get more water out of the oil. You can use this for making several products, like soap and medicine for bits of bugs.

Now we are going drive the last part to Penneshaw to our night camp, we have tomorrow morning the ferry back to main land. The road has some sleepy hill in so you have go to a low gear when going down. We came along Prospect Hill, where we climb on the first day on Kangaroo Island.

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