Day 19-23 To Grampiens

Kangaroo Island to Meningie.
Sunday, 24th November.
After breakfast, we have to catch the ferry form 10:30 hour back to main land. We had
to wait before we can drive the camper on the ferry, we where one of the last. At Cape Jervis we came a bit late on shore, an ruf sea. We drive along the coast in the direction of Adelaide. We like to stop for lunch and fuel at Mypohga. But the gasstation was closed, we get now a little in wurry, where can we get fuel (it is sunday?). As looking on to another map we saw 24h gasstation at Aldinga little offroad to Murray Bridge. Murray Bridge is a big place at the murray river. Underway seen a lot of cows and winery area. At Murray Bridge do the last choppings for the comming days (Big supermarkers). The drive further to Tailem Bend, swing of onto Princes hwy to Meningie camp site for to day. Meningie lays at the south-east site off Lake Albert, and just at the entrens of The Coorong National Park. This park goes from Goolwa till nearby Kingston SE. This is for tomorrow.

Menninge to Mt. Gambier.
Monday, 25th November.
Today is a long drive day, the distance to Mt. Gambier is about 350 km with all detours.
In the morning we started to drive south on the Princes HWY. We made some stops for making photo’s. The first real stop was at Kingston SE and also or stop for the quick lunch. After this we go along the coast to next stops, Robe and Beachport. All have history in the past as connection point to Adelaide for transport goods and food. But also for local fishing where the jelly’s are very long, some over 2000 meter. This is while the sea is not very deep at the shore. Now to our last stop, Mt. Gambier and its blue lake, it is still 85 km away. To make some progress, we do ride again on the Princes HWY, its a larger road with some overtake area’s. At 16:00 we get to Mt. Gambier. First thing to do refuel our camper, and find a internet access point for do some backing stuff. The last is a problem to find cheap or free Wifi. The blue lake is from orgin a small volcano eruption where easy water can get into it through the rocks.

Mt. Gambier to Halls Caps
Tuesday, 26 th November.

After startup, tried to get GPS system programmed for Halls Gap, it was not possible while we were in South Australia and it lies in Victoria. Internal we have to switch it to the another state. Over the B160 we drive to Hamelton. There was an Mac Donalds (free wifi) and by sides a supermarket. I though then can do some banking stuff with ING, but there was a maintenance ongoing…time difference. Did the rest,email and read some news. Pickup some upgrades for the tablet. And of course, a cup of coffee with an muffin. Els did some small shoppings at Coles. Now we go ahead for Halls Cap over the B160 till Dunkeld, and the over the C216/C217. As we arrived Halls Cap we drive through it and go for about 20km into the direction of Horsham. We liked to visit the MacKenzie Falls. We are arrived at the to off it, so we walked the lane and stairs down to the bottom. The fall is in the middle of nowhere. The way back is all climbing up off course. When we passing Halls Cap from an certain point entering to town an lot off noise is coming from outside. dammit camper-van broken but no it was came from a lot of birds. This was still a long time when we had leave the town on the other side. After we did the waterfall, we drive back to town and refueling the camper. The campside we do have outside the town at lake Bellfield.

Halls Cap day over.
Wednesday 27th November.

Today should be an hot day (34 ‘C), they said at the front office of the holiday park. We planned to do some visits in the morning, first be drive to Boroka lookout. This was on the way back where we yesterday were at Mackenzie falls (less far out). The Boroka lookout point gives a big view over the Grampiens at Halls Cap. With a view over lake Bellfield, there is also our night camp. After this view we drive on an oneway to the Silverband falls. On the parking place we see and hear nothing off calling water. We have to walk about 800 meters a little down wards over a nice path to the fall. The fall was nearly dry, a small stream was coming down. As it begun to be hot, we going back to camp place for the afternoon. We did some work for the blog, and could send it up.

Port Campbell
Thursday 28th November.
Today is our goal to get on the Great Ocean Road. First back to Dunkeld and then to over the C178 to met the Princes Highway at the coast. Wanted to look at Tower Hill Lake, there is a island in the middle of a lake. Now we will follow the Princes High Way just after Allansford, here begin (or ends) the Great Ocean Road. When the road come near the coast, you will have then a lot of lookout points. We did skipped some off them. Our end point for today is Port Campbell. Tomorrow is the Great Ocean Road trip with all their viewings.

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