Day 24-26 Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road.
Friday, 29th November.
The day start is early, we have to do the Great Ocean Road (GOR) This road is long from Torquay till Allansford (~235km) with a lot of curves. We did yesterday a small part from Allansford to Port Campbell. Today is first stop, Loch ard Gorge there are three lookout points to visits. And each has it own story whats happens in the past. The mean is the sea, rock, ships and people. People as they are spoold on land. From the central parking place you have to walk to each lookout, some 300 other 750 meters away; The Razorback, Muttonbird Island, Loch Ard Gorge and Thunder Cave. And now up to the place where the 12 Apostles are. The 12 are not anymore there, some are gone into the sea. The last change was happens in the `90. You can park your vehicle at the land site of the GOR. If you like you can do here a helicopter tour above the twelve Apostles. We do the walk to the two lookout points. First One gives you a view to the mean group, where at least 2 are now nearly equal as the rocks where they standing on. The second give you a view to 2 others and a another angle to eat you first has been seen, more on one line.

We leave the Great Ocean Road for a detour to Triplet Falls and Otway Fly. For to see the Triplet Falls we drive from normal roads into the bush the car park. We have now a hike to do for 1.5 hour into the bush and down to the falls. It was the energy worth to follow trip. On the same road, back out the bush is also the Otway Fly. You have here three options for action. The normal walk in the bush and then going to the top of trees. Our doing some more actions like abseil from a powerful. Or the Zip line tour, hanging in normal gliding over a steel cable. I and my son did the normal tree walk. While my wife was behind in the visits center. The walk start first as an normal bush walk, with some explonations about the past. Then we arrived at the walkway (steel construction), soon we are more then 30 meters above the forest floor. There is also a spiral tower that is going another 24 meters up. The trees are higher then then the tower construction, so more then 47 meter above the ground. The neasty of the walk is that you have a long way back, hill up, to the visits center.

We drive back to the Great Ocean Road to get further to the south point of Otway National Park; Cape Otway. When you go there, underway you have look good around you. You can see here koala and another animals. We where just on time at the Cape. We can do the tour and the lighthouse climb before they where closing. Now we have to go back to the Great Ocean Road and drive to Apollo Bay. The goal was to come to at least Anglesey. But that looks not realistic, we stopped at Kennett river (18:30 hour, just before the camping office is closed).

Saturday, 30th November
As we yesterday not drive to the camping what we had thought for that day, about 60 km less. We decide not go to Ballarat, but do the ferry to across the Melbourne bay from Queenscliff to Sorrento to make sure that we are right on time at penguin parade at next day. Before we go to the ferry we drive further on the Great Ocean Road till its ends nearby Torquay. Today be seem an bicycle event on the Great Ocean Road. The police had blocked the road for an certain time for cars. We where lucky we could drive through as we where before that window. It was difficult, to make space for those bicycle people, have now drive more the center of the road for about 40 km. The end point was at the oval of the Torquay Tigers. The end/begin of Great Ocean Road is in Torquay, we go over normal road to the ferry at Queenscliff. You can drive to the office and buy your ticket, its not cheap. Otherwise you have drive to/around Melbourne which cost a lot of time. The ferry had a duration of about 45 min to get to the other side. At the other side we go to an camping at Hastings.

Philips Island
Sunday, 1st December
Standing up today at a decent time, yesterday we did the across the bay of Melbourne. Some parts of todays drive can be done over the Bass Highway, this goes also to Philip Island. Here are some imported thinks what you can to go sea. Koala, Kangaroo, Penguin and a lot of birds. As we have saw before some of them, we coming now only for the penguins.

We did 3 days earlier make an booking for the ultimate Adventure Tour. This is a tour under the guide of a Ranger, 10 person limited.
You will get an experience of what they doing here with the penguin colony; Research and make the best environment for the little penguins to get on land and do there stuff.
We get special clothes and equipment ( night vision scope,Sound system to hear our guide ) to see in absolute quietness at sea level the penguin coming on land in the begin of the darkness. We have to count how many there are today. It was a little low 164, the days before where over the 300 penguins. Penguins go to sea for 3 or more days and come than back of 3 days. They can make very small naps of 1 min on sea and then swim or dive to the small vis, there food.

It is nasty that only 1 of 20 will reach its 1st year of birth. The most of them will die because the haven’t not enough food on sea. Or will be eaten by another sea animals.
The most of the people can do the normal tour, there was a mass of people sitting on tribunes to see how groups of penguins come at shore and go into the dunes/holes. In the 1920 there was build a vacation home at where now the Visitor center is. But that is total given back to the nature, still do replanting plants and removing imported plants. The Visitor center is also research center.

The tour was ended at 22:30 hour, and we have drive back slowly back to our camping.
A lot of animals are now very busy on the road, do not hit one.

PS. There may no pictures taken on any penguin tour. Kevin did buy and Blu-Ray disk.

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