Day 27-28 Wilsons prom. NP.

Monday, 2sec December Todays heading is Wilsons Promontory NP. It is an Hugh park in the south east of Melbourne. You can reach over the Bads Highway till Inverloch then you have to go over smaller roads to the park. At least you have to drive over the c444 till the entrance of the park. You have now 25 km to drive to Tidal area, the is the only normal camping in the park. They have over 250 places where you can stand, only 20 of the are powerd. The advice is when you like a powerd site, do on time a reservation. As I did not no that low amount of powerd site, we had one nigh no power; frigh!. As we came on site its was hot, we pick ob place what we like for the first day, shadow place. Any non powerd site you can pick after you had make your registration at visitor center. After diner we did an walk along the Tidal river and beach that is connected to it. As the night falls early in the evening, you can see the animal live starting for a lot them. All over the camping comming animals out off there holes. We you do small scans with you light you can see them walk/going over the placed.

Wilsons prom. NP. Sec day. Tuesdays, 3th December We stand up on time because like to hike some routes which started from the camping. The first one is Tidal overlook track. This goes over the river and then hill up. To some outlook points off some track that have the same start. The temperatur goes al early high, after coming back off it we decide to stop for now and take a rest at the campervan. I did prepare the diner for today. In the afternoon I do a second hike on my own. Started with a small on along the Tidal river, Loo Errn track with end at visitor center. Here start the second one also, the Norman Bay South track. That one goes through the Bush behind the coming to the south. It ends at the another end of the beach at the camping, about 2 km away. Over the beach I walk back. I so a lot of small lobsters coming out of there holes and walking over the beach to the sea.

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