Day 29-31 To and over the Snowy Mountains

4th December Wednesday
Todays heading is direction the Yarra Valley to the place Warburton. This is the overnight place, but I wanted to see some off the Yarra river and its environment. As seems the gods are not with us, the hole day was raining. And the clouds where low, so to see al lot, that wasn’t. The drive was over some places with nice names as; Leongatha, Koo Wee Rup and Pakenham.

5th December Thursday.
Today was also starter with tinny rain shower. In the planning is to drive to the top of Mount Donna Buang. I hope the clouds are higher then the top is. As we came further and further its look like that we end in the clouds. On the top is an tower for looking 360 in the round, but you can only see clouds. We have to go back without nice pictures. Underway down some made as we have some sight. As I make the route for the day, I thought that we could go left at 70% down the hill, it seems to be an grevel road, on map an normal way. So we have drive back to Yara Junction to get to Belleville and further on to Mansfield (goal for to day). I did like to go to Mount Buller, it’s any interplay area. But as this hole day still rain/dry and low clouds, we skipped this as it is an 45 km drive to it and back. We decided to skip Mansfield further and go ahead to more dry place (hopefully). Make now the move to drive 235 km more to Wodonga at lake Hume. There where some caravan site at the lake on our route to Snowy Mountians.┬áThe Lake Hume is an created lake, it get its water from Murray river. This river get its water from the Snowy Mountain and al its rivers, men had change water loops. We did stay at Tallangatta for the night.

6th Decemher Friday.
This is the day that we go high into mountains. Before we go we have make sure that we enough fuel. There are underway not many translations between here and or end point. The last is in Corryong about 80 km away. That is good for us to fillup. Our route is that is on the North. Side off the Snowy Mountain, passing 2 big man made lakes; Tooma and Tumut Pond reservoir. Those lakes and some more are created to managed the water (snow) for the Snowy Mountain and their rivers to move that water to the Murray river in the North. Create Waterloo all over the year and get electrical power off it to. The lakes are connected by tunnels and power stations. The electrical power is distributed to 3 states, Victoria, New South Wales and the Capital Territory. Our endpoint today is an small city called Adaminaby.


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