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Day 35-42 Blue Mountain and drive to Sydney

Tuesday 10th December Oberon This day is more or less an driving day from the Capital to Oberon. This place is nearby the driving Jenolan Caves, the goal for to morrow. As it was an driving day, there is not much to write and there are also not many photos. The camping is the only one in the area near to the industry of the town, it’s only for 1 night.

Day 32-34 Canberra, the Capital of Australia

7th December Saturday Yesterday we did the cross over the Mountains. Today is to ride to the Capital of Australia; Canberra. The Capital is an created city, with some rules where it has to build. As Sydney was the fist town in Australia, they claim it to be. But Melbourne claimed it also as it is the biggest city early in 1900. They made some rules where the Capital has to build outside those 2 cities. A few of the rule [ ... ]