Day 32-34 Canberra, the Capital of Australia

7th December Saturday
Yesterday we did the cross over the Mountains. Today is to ride to the Capital of Australia; Canberra. The Capital is an created city, with some rules where it has to build. As Sydney was the fist town in Australia, they claim it to be. But Melbourne claimed it also as it is the biggest city early in 1900. They made some rules where the Capital has to build outside those 2 cities. A few of the rule are, must not to nearby Sydney and on the way to Melbourne (more or less one line).
They had found a flat pace of land and there is The Capital Canberra build. You will find the planning back in strait of the road lines of the city whith the places of importent builings. We are going to a Village Camping at the Nord-West side off the city. From where we can use a bus to get easy back to the centre.

8th December Sunday
1ste day in Canberra
After standing up and breakfast we go than main road where every 30 mins a bus comes that dive to the bus station in the centre. Form here we take the free Hop on Off bus to the War Memorial that is the fist stop there. War Memorial is to remember the soldiers that where fould in the first World War. An lot of Australian solders where there, as part off the relation with England. Later on also the soldiers felt in other War, like second World War and the Korean. There are valley with al the names of the felt soldiers. As in the first War the bodies where not bring back to beary them at home, not posible du transport it. The gouverment has decided to make One big place to remeber them. In the place is a lot of Tools and Cloths collected to make very nice displays in which situation the have done there jobs and many are given there live for Freedom. We have done the ‘free’ tour with a volentier, an old soldier.
After this we get on the bus again to go to next topic of our interest which we can do on this time tamp at 15:00 hour. We whent now some time to visit the ‘new’ Paralement House. We saw the both chambers off houses, it was quit the on the Sunday. We have also standing on the roof of the building, where you have nice views over the city.

9th December Monday
2th Day Canberra.
This an split day, Kevin has not going with us to the National Art Museum. We had before that to do some chopping and take some fuel. So we decided that we go all to the supermarket and gas station. After this Kevin drops us at the Museum and go back to the camping. Acer done the Museum we picked up the Hop on Off bus to the city and walked one around it. After that we have a bus for getting back to the camping

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