Day 35-42 Blue Mountain and drive to Sydney

Tuesday 10th December Oberon
This day is more or less an driving day from the Capital to Oberon. This place is nearby the driving Jenolan Caves, the goal for to morrow. As it was an driving day, there is not much to write and there are also not many photos. The camping is the only one in the area near to the industry of the town, it’s only for 1 night.

Wednesday 11th December Oberon Jenolan Caves and drive to Katoomba.
It is an small drive to the first destiny from today, but an difficult one. We have drive one a small road and go very fast down with turns of 180 degree. At the bottom off the small valley is the parking place. You have to walk into the town tower to the ticket office. There are 11 cave tours where you can pick one or more to visit it. Every tour has it own glance. We picked the xxx tour and have to wait 45 min before that begin, tour length 1 hour. Some tours you need more experience with cave to do. Our tour begins to walk outside hill up to the entrance. This entrance is an tunnel that is made in the 1950’s as an easy access to this part. Otherwise you had to climb over rocks and through small corridors. This cave is well lighted out and you have lookout with you head, height is sometime limited.
After this tour, Kevin goes back to campervan. While Els and I going to do the free tour. The free tour let you see the first discovery off the caves. This was a rock cave without stalactites and stalagmites. If you go to the caves there is one problem that the main road coming from Katoomba is closed in one direction for some hours. After the free tour the road was open for us to get to Katoomba.
Begin was again difficult, small an lot of turns and some 180 degree. After 5 km the road get better and we drive to the main road to Katoomba. At arrival we did first chopping’s while it goes here up and down. Not for an easy walk to the camp place. The camp place is near the Katoomba waterfall and the visit center “Scenic World” for the Skywalk, 52° train and the cable line into the valley.

Thursday 12th December Katoomba
This day is more a rest day for the family. So I went in the afternoon to a walk to “Echo Point” there are the Three Sisters rock. You walk at the edge of the Clive over nice path’s with small ups and down’s Underway you have a lot of lookout points where you can look over the Valley and some waterfalls. The length of this walk is about 40 min and easy. At Echo point you can make some nice photos of the three Sister. but you can do an extra walk to the Three Sisters to touch the left one. There is also an start point to go to the bottom of the valley with a very steep climb over rocks and ladders, The Grant Stairway. This is more for experience people to do. At the bottom you can hike over the Federal Pass walking track to the 52 degree tarin to get you again into the “normal” world.

Friday 13th December Katoomba,blue mountain trips
second day at Katoomba. My wife and I do today the Scenic world items, Kevin will be at he campervan. At 09:00 hour the Scenic World goes open and we buy the all include tickets, hole day long for the three opportunities you can do over here.
We start with the scenic cableway to the bottom of the valley. Down you can walk over the elevated boardwalk in “Jurassic” rainforest on the Jamison Valley floor with minimal impact on the environment. This is an 1 hour boardwalk if you are quite then you will hear and see some animals that are live here. I found the time that you can go down with the cableway to late to see the animals.

After we did complete the walk, we used the Scenic railway to get back to the Scenic World station. This is an railway that has a slope of 52 degrees. And that’s is an lot. Lucky for most people it is not a fast one. As we get to the World Centre, we do the Skyway, that is an cableway but then horizontal. Its glide between cliff tops and gaze at the rainforest canopy through the glass floor of the Scenic Skyway! at 270 meters above the valley floor.

After that we walked at the edge of the valley back to the camping (Katoomba waterfalls). From there is also an path down with some nice views at the waterfalls. This is a steeply path/stairs down back to the bottom of the valley. For this route you need some time to do it. And you have think about how I get upstairs again. We where lucky, as we have an all-in ticket for to do more then ones the 52 railway back to Scenic World.

Saturday 14th December up to the north off Sydney, Woy Woy.
After we leave the Camping, we did first the last chopping’s for this weekend and the last days we have the campervan. We will drive to an place called Woy Woy. There is an nice beach but more imported there is an Reptile Park at Somersby nearby the Pacific Hwy. As we like to see how the bush fires has gone through the blue mountain area, we use the north route over Lithgow. But before we leave the area, we go to Evans lookout at Blackheath. It is a another valley in the Blue Mountains, called Blue Gum Forest. Over there are a lot of small and long (days) hikes possible. As we passed Lithgow we see now a lot of forest that are black at the bottom, but in crown of the trees  are new leaves. We did arrive on the camping after 15:00 hour. As it is weekend there where an lot places in use. As today was also hot, we did later on the day an walk over the beach.

Sunday 15th December, krokedillen park, + last drive to Sydney
Today is the last day that we have the campervan. As we spot yesterday an  “Australian Reptile Park” nearby the highway we make this morning an visit to it. At the park we see that’s is many people is coming to the park today. There is a special day for kids. As we payee or tickets (expensive) we get to hear the program for today shows. We walk into the park and pick the side ways to the crocodiles the where lazy today. In the park are some place for koala bears. They have some small and also an that is still with his/her mother. In the park are an lot of birds to see, they are nice arranged as a couple and different species together. Nearby the main building there are the snakes and turtles and some other animals. For the size off the park was the ticket to expensive.

After this we had to drive about 115 KM back to Sydney. I had found one (or more) camping in the neighborhood of the airport where also the place is where we had drop the campervan. As we arrived the camping of our choice, it seems not to be there anymore. The place is under construction to get to be houses. We did ask where the next available camping will be. We drive to that one, what is more under the smoke of the airfield, more airplane noise. The had just 1 place over for Us, there are more people looking for an place for the night.

Monday 16th December, campervan back to rental station.
We had standing up on time as the campervan has to go beck to rental station. It’s an small drive to it, about 5 km. We can drive pass the international and domestic airport. And I had think out that I drop my wife and all our luggage at the hotel before I bring back the campervan, less drag with luggage. My son and I make the last 1 km to the rental station nearby the Airfield. The check out was going easy the inspect the campervan on damage. At the total of our trip from Adelaide to Sydney was 4500 km in 28 days as an mean of 160 km/day. This was the way how I did not to make to many travel distance on 1 day.

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