Day 43-52 Tasmania, Wildlife Wanderer Tasmania Safari

Wednesday 18 December Fight to Launceston on Tasmania. An Day to standup early in the morning. Small transfer to the Domestic airport of Sydney. We have a early flight today at 08:15 hour. And we do not have the boarding pass. At the IBIS hotel we cannot print them, while they are in a conversion of the reception area. For the transfer we use a shuttle bus service. We where on time and let the service counter printed our boarding passes and then we did drop our luggage. We where going to the security check, again the photo suitcase has been checked twice. Now we can go to our gate and pick an cup off coffee and eat our sandwich . On this fight we do no get an meal only thee, coffee or water for free. It is not an big deal while the flight is short 2-1/2 hours. As it is a small Airport, but they are strictly to the food items with you bring with you, link fruit. For today the transportation to the hotel we have to organize at gate; we need an taxi to our hotel. Our hotel is a little outside the town Centre and is made as a historical building where in the past the military people where housed. We have there a apartment for one night. For dinner we have to walk into town center, the choice for today is Italian restaurant. 55

Thursday 19 December Start Wildlife Wanderer Tasmania Safari This morning we have to standup again one time as we are picked up by WayOutBack for our Tasmanian trip. They are a little late, as later seems some more people at same time to collect. The first stop is at Launceston Cataract Gorge Reserve. There is a hike from park place to the lake and around it. To get around it you have to walk over a rope bridge which one is a little wobbly. Back over the bridge we walk beside to the river to Tamar river. And as extra we have to walk back also. After this we are going for a long drive for Launceston to our end point Freycinet National Park. But we some stops before that we receive it at Bay of Fires where we have a Lunch near at the beach. The last big place is Bicheno before we reach our night camp place Coles Bay.

Friday 20 December After breakfast and al our luggage is packed, we go for todays hike. Small drive to the end of Coles Bay Road where we start the hike to Wineglass bay, that is over the mountain an very hard hike Up and Down and back off course.. For us was that a to hard Hike, we did only the hike Up to the View point over Wineglass Bay, and after a break back down to the bus. The group did the hole Hike, so we had to wait for them. The first one was back at 11:00 hour and the rest came with some delays. Our next stop will be for Lunch, small drive for 1 hour in the direction of Port Arthur. We did make our lunch in the beside of Swansea. Port Arthur is our place to be for the night. Today is also a beer tasting on the schedule. We got six beers each dished to taste. With every glass we got an explanation of where it is made ​​from and what flavor it has. There was also compared with what we would eg drinking in Europe. But the campsite is next to a cemetery, Ghost. I have no luck today, there is chicken on the menu. So I have to find some “food” as an hamburger. And there is just on the corner a little shop what also sells that if you are before 19:00 hour.

Saturday 21 December This morning is for going to what Port Arthur was in the past. It was a prison for many people that England had shipped to Australian to serve there sentence, but it was an one way only. The fist years are used to build a lot of the buildings for the military staff, and later one for the prisons. After its goes better also stone buildings are build by the prisons. Now days is it an Historic Site where the building and parks are to be seen. Some off the buildings are damaged by big fire in the beginning of the 1900. We where dropped over there by the guide. You can discover it on your on time and way. You can add to an small tour explaining some off the buildings and story’s and also you can take a boat to visit Isle of the Dead. In the afternoon when the group is coming back to the hostel. The group is split into small groups, we could do this on our own tempo. We had to walk back from the Port Arthur Historic site an 10 min walk. After everybody had lunch we are going for an small drive and to visit a chocolate factory. We stay for this night also in this hostel near the cemetery.

Sunday 22 December The weather this morning of drizzle rain, to small for a raincoat but to slowly wet. After breakfast and al the luggage is packed we are going to the Taranna Wildlife Park to meet the REAL Tassie Devil. The “Devil” animal is an extreme carnivorous creature. In the park you can find those animals behind required closed fences / walls because they are extremely dangerous to humans and other animals. When they are fed, they are going to fight for the food on life and death. If you thought that you can watch them in rest, then you’ll be disappointed. They are still trying to challenge each other, this is accompanied by a lot of noise and chase each other. The Tassie Devil is on the one hand, a scourge for farmers, but on the other hand they are threatened with extinction. Because they have been shot in the past, but also by a communicable disease. It is a cancer which they convey through their teeth together during the many battles they have. Most go to this fairly quickly to death. There are now some wildlife parks in Tasmania with a program to ensure that they do not become extinct. In this Wildlife park are more animals then the “Devil”. You can see some birds and also kangaroos and wallabies. They know when it’s feeding time, they all come to the gate. You can have them eating out of your hand while also stroking. Normally they eat mostly grass, but here they also get power feed with it what they prefer to eat. For lunch we go to a village called Richmond where you had to buy for yourself. Here are many historical buildings and even one of the first bridges built on Tasmania. We have been in a souvenir shop. This was useful because the rain drizzle had turned into something more. Now have a small drive ahead to be on our sleep address Hobart delivered. This is different for everyone. But before we get to Hobart we go to a wine tasting in the country. The wine farm fortunately had a marquee so we could sit dry. They make high-value wines in Tasmania which seems well regarded in Australia and Beyond. Dinner tonight we do with the whole group, as this is the last day / evening. Tomorrow there a couple back to Sydney and others, eg one day later, we and two others remain because we have the 2nd part of our tour to good.

Monday 23 December Hobart, an day free for yourself.
After we were delivered to our backpackers hotel yesterday and we installed us, we quickly came to the conclusion that it would not be for the next 3 nights / days . During dinner yesterday decided Jeane and Simone today to another hotel to go searching for the next few days . This backpacker’s hotel did not look ( dirty / dusty) and so packed together . I was early in the morning and am with my tablet went looking for the possibilities. A few hotels I found quickly, but they were still available in connection with the Christmas days . After consulting group we went to another hotel . After this all down the line tour organization for collection on the third morning . Addition to the information requested from the extra tour to Bunny Island . Continue walking around the rest of the day in Hobart . Since the shoes of Kevin are to break down, but we have bought new shoes here in Hobart by well -known store in The Netherlands.

Tuesday 24 December Bunny Island Tour (Speed boot).
Today on time to get up, the extra tour with Bruny Island Cruises. This is a bus ride to Bruny Island to the place where you go on one of the speedboats. To achieve Bruny Island you go with a local ferry crossing from the Kettering. Then you go by bus to Adventure Bay to the departure
point of the speedboat. There were four boats available to all people (about 180 people). When we leave the bay they put directly on the power to the 3 outboard engines. They showed us a lot of nature and what happened to the coastline. They make many stops along the way to The Fairs (Seal Haulout / Nesting Seabirds). This means that you can be on the way there or back wet. Actually, more along the way, because you are going through particular things like blow hole, pass true two rocks and lookup to high clive’s. It’s hard to describe what you see in a few hours time and experiences. There sailboats have come through here in the past and looked for good landing spot for fresh water and food. After we spotted at the farthest point of the strip seals, we have started to back away. Then it turned out that we have already a long ride. On the way back we are constantly looking for dolphins. They have let the speedboat sailing in circles to attract the dolphins attention. After a real time, we’ve spotted them. Just look at the pictures. Since we were the first speedboat they have other boaten directed towards it. Upon returning from the cruise, there was a lunch for each available. Delicious pumpkin soup and a delicious filled rolls with fish, meat or vegetarian. After that we had to take the bus back to the ferry for about anyway to mainland Tasmania. The tour operator has dropped us off at our hotel. Kevin and I are going out to dinner at a Greek restaurant in the end, because McDonald’s was closed, Christmas night. Els is not eating because she was too tired to join us.

Wednesday 25 December To Mt Field NP and go to East to Strahan
Today we are going from Hobart to Strahan, East to West on Tasmania. Underway we have a walk in the forest, water falls and a Lake. The first part we drove along the Derwent River to the east. After it became a stream, we turn left onto Mt. Field National Park (drive time about 1 hour). The southern part of Tasmania is a large National Park where you can perform. Outstanding small and big hikes We do a little walk in the forest where the other one and is explained on signs. If there is eg trees topple over as they continue lying as it has always been done for centuries. After this tour we are on our way to Lake St. Clair , this is a bus ride of about 2 hours. These come we start making yourself ready for your lunch. Make sure that your bottle is filled to the park visitor center before you start the walk. From this point you can make several walks. We’re going to do one that is made in the shape of an eight, the duration is about 1 hour walk. The first part is relatively flat trails are varied with pieces with wooden decking. We also see some more wildlife you actually does not want to see, snakes. After returning to the starting point we go back into the bus to go to our Strahan our overnight place for the next two days. Along the way, we do have a waterfall , Russell Falls , you can easily walk out. In the section now comes the more rugged mountains and there should be a lot more climbing and fell. On the last stretch you’ll pass through mining areas, you see how barren the landscape is to be here. Our sleep is quite outside the village Strahan. For the next two days we are the only inhabitants of this Hostel. There is a large kitchen and living present, bedroom on the ground floor and first floor. One of the few advantages was that there was a good WIFI is available here.

Thursday 26 December, free day for yourself
Today was a free day at Strahan. We have kept this largely as a real day off. In the late afternoon we went to the place where you can walk. Towards a waterfall it also had an ulterior motive, because we had to buy for dinner (dinner on own expense). Everyone had to cook his dinner itself. After this we went by bus to the beach at the dunes to see the sunset.

Friday 27 December to Cradle Mountain and back to Launceston
Today is the last day of the tour. We go to Lakefor a long walk (an easy walk). An more difficult walk goes to a vantage point. Access is limited to the number of vehicles that can drive to the lake. For this they have an access system installed. Visitors are advised to go with the park shuttle. We did the ​​easy walk. This was nicely laid out on the left side of the lake with lots of wooden platforms. The second part of it was a part with a lot of climbing and descending on uneven stone paths. We were, after about 1.5 hours after returned to the starting point. The rest of the group have chosen the more difficult route and came drops wise in. Also the way the park is that one has to wait for your turn, since the road in several places it is narrow. At the visitor center we have our lunch made ​​up and eat in the sunshine. Now we continue our way to Launceston where we go to our hotel, for us is it the same hotel as we started the tour. But before that happens we go to a cheese farm. For us is this the end of the tour on Tasmania. To morning we are going back to Sydney.

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