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Day 24-26 Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road. Friday, 29th November. The day start is early, we have to do the Great Ocean Road (GOR) This road is long from Torquay till Allansford (~235km) with a lot of curves. We did yesterday a small part from Allansford to Port Campbell. Today is first stop, Loch ard Gorge there are three lookout points to visits. And each has it own story whats happens in the past. The mean is the sea, rock, ships and people. People as they [ ... ]

Day 19-23 To Grampiens

Kangaroo Island to Meningie. Sunday, 24th November. After breakfast, we have to catch the ferry form 10:30 hour back to main land. We had to wait before we can drive the camper on the ferry, we where one of the last. At Cape Jervis we came a bit late on shore, an ruf sea. We drive along the coast in the direction of Adelaide. We like to stop for lunch and fuel at Mypohga. But the gasstation was closed, we get now a [ ... ]

Day15-18 Kangaroo Island

Day15; Camper + transfer to cape jervis. Wednesday 20 th November. At 09:00 hour we where pickup our claimed camper at Apollo. After the paperwork and the instructions how our camper works where you can find what and so on. The first stop is a “big” supermarket. We have to buy a lot of this for the first days and later on. That where 2 cars full of food and some non food items. We have a look ahead for at least [ ... ]