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Next step after 2

HI. Some new words to our blog. The start of our trip will be in the next month. As the last payments are done to the travel agency, we are now waiting for the flight tickets and al other vouchers (hotel, trips, camper, etc.). We are doing our last thinks to buy, before we can go packing our bags. For that we have prepared packing list for each person. As we have different needs that list is not the same. After we had everything collected we [ ... ]

Next step after

After we did decide to go future with one travel agent. This means that they have to workout the whole trip as we have given them the guidelines for that. You have seen that as I wrote before block-1 till 5 (with some small update in). After we fully agreed the worked out trip on paper, we give the travel agent the final go to book the whole trip. As a part of trip we had made an enquiry for an cancelation assurance if [ ... ]

TripSchema Timeline

In the begin January 2012 we were to a Holiday Fair. We did get a lot of new experience and remarks from that day. The timeline of our trip is true that experience on the holiday fair changed. At first we do not start our trip in Darwin. The risk is too high to get in rain session with bad roads and not reachable point of interests. That must be left for a new Trip in future. The start will be now [ ... ]

Begin of Blog TheAustralianTrip

A new blog. We as family are already sometime being to organise a vacation in Australia. Not a small vacation for 2 or 3 weeks, but for some longer time. The flight from The Netherlands to Australia is normally at least 30 hours. We were starting to find out what we like to see and do over there if we have time for 8 weeks. As first we did to pic up some travel brochure or order on the internet some books. The next draft [ ... ]